The Tokyo-based conglomerate will invest in CyberGym’s OT security solutions and develop the OT security sector in Asian countries

Marubeni Corporation has signed an investment agreement with CyberGym, an Israeli company that develops cyber security solutions for OT systems.

 Marubeni has also agreed to collaborate with CyberGym and CYBERGYM Japan, which have been covering Japan and Asia in the field of OT security for critical infrastructure and manufacturing in Asian countries.

In various fields of business activities, information systems and the Internet are essential to the operation of companies – while at the same time, the need for cyber security measures has been increasing.

Particularly, in critical infrastructure, such as power plants and the manufacturing industry, rapid automation and the spread of IoT have made it essential for plant facilities and factories to be connected to the Internet, increasingly exposing them to cyberattacks from outside the OT environment.

As a result, the need for cyber security measures, including human resources capable of dealing with such cyberattacks, has become an urgent issue.

CyberGym was established in 2013 as an independent security division of Israel Electric Corporation, which is responsible for the generation and transmission of electricity throughout Israel.

Since then, the company has leveraged its experienced human resources and know-how to establish itself as a leading company in the field of cybersecurity with a particular strength in analyzing the latest cyberattacks and providing training services that teach participants how to deal with them in practice.

CyberGym's clients include government agencies, critical infrastructure providers and operators-including its strategic partner, the IEC-financial institutions, and other companies.

Marubeni will develop the OT security sector in Asian countries, helping customers solve their cybersecurity challenges and achieve stable operation of critical infrastructure and manufacturing, as well as economic growth, by leveraging the Marubeni Group's network of critical infrastructure and manufacturing companies, together with the services of CyberGym.